Book Club

Come join our book club to celebrate science and reading!

Discovery Center Book Club

Read and Learn along with us in our Explor-atory Lab, and win some cool prizes while you are at it! DCS has a monthly book club for ages 5-12. Here's how it works:

  1. Each month we will have a Book Club theme related to what is going on in the Explor-atory Lab. The theme will be announced on the website and in our lobby.
  2. We want you to read books that go with our theme. You can download the booklist here. 
  3. Fill out our worksheet to tell us about your books.
 You can download the worksheet here.
  4. Come to the Explor-atory Lab and take part in the related lab activities each month.
  5. Each month that you read a book and complete an activity in the Explor-atory Lab, you will get one punch on your DCS Book Club punch card. You will receive your punchcard when you do your first Book Club activity at DCS.
  6. When you get 3 punches on your punch card, you get a coupon good for $2 toward an item from our gift shop, Gizmos, Gadgets and More!

Ask Guest Services for details.