Distance Learning

Learn how you can schedule a hands-on, interactive science lesson from your very own classroom through distance learning at Discovery Center.

Dial In to Discovery Center

Would you like a standards based, grade level appropriate science lesson taught by a science specialist? We've got the perfect program just for you! We'll even send you all of the supplies you need for the program! Choose from over 20 different topics!

Dial in Requirements

  • Video Conferencing Unit (Polycom, Vtel, ITV)
  • 384 preferred connection speed (256-512 capable)

Registration Information

Programs must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. Please e-mail your registration information to info@discoverycenter.org. For assistance, contact the Education Department at 417-862-9910 ext. 726. 

Free Faculty Presentation

Want to try before you buy?  Gather your faculty together and join us for a 30-minute overview of our Distance Learning Programs. IT'S FREE! We will demonstrate some of the pre-lab, distance learning, and post-lab activities for the various programs, and answer your questions.

Program Guide

Discovery Center of Springfield currently offers a variety of Distance Learning programs via distance learning, developed to support the Missouri GLEs and the National Science Standards.  Discovery Center's distance learning programs enable your class to have a hands-on lesson taught by a science specialist. A kit of supplies needed for the program are shipped ahead of time and include curriculum, pre and post labs, and links to follow-up websites. Distance Learning Fees are listed per program.  Includes program, materials, and return shipping.

  • Astronomy Abounds ($165) Curriculum Standards
    • What goes up must come down, or does it? Take a look at the different effects of gravity here on earth and in space. Examine Moon phases. Compare and contrast characteristics of the planets in our solar system. (Gr. 3-8)
  • Bon Appetit ($165) Curriculum Standards
    • Students trace the path of the digestive system and explore macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) chemistry through interactive kitchen-chemistry experiments. (Gr. 3-6)
  • Bugs? Insects? ($165)
    • What do we call them? Learn the difference between bugs and insects. The Very Hungry Caterpillar will be read in a whole new way. New science words will be introduced when talking about the changes “bugs” go through. (Gr. Pre K-2)
  • Bridging Forces ($165)   Curriculum Standards
    • Calling all engineers and builders! Investigate different forces and structural designs by building a warbler structure to explore the center of gravity and stability. Design and build a structure with magnetic balls and rods and find out how many books will it support! (Gr. 4-8)
  • Chemistry Capers ($195) Curriculum Standards
    • Create a polymer, demonstrate the “Law of Conservation of Mass” and identify physical and chemical reactions. Using the scientific method, design your own experiment, test the causes of chemical changes in “Chemistry in a Baggie”, and explore 4 different ways to change the rate of a chemical reaction! (Gr. 3-9)
  • Chopstick China ($165) Curriculum Standards
    • Observe how geography influences population distribution and cultural activities in the world's most populated country. (Gr. 3-8)
  • Ecology Exploration ($165) Curriculum Standards
    • Find the connections in a food web! Dissect an owl pellet to investigate its eating habits. Identify adaptations of predators and prey and explore concepts in population control. (Gr. 2-8)
  • Geology Rocks ($165)
    • How do rocks form? This interactive program will allow the students to classify rocks talk about the rock cycle, and learn how rocks change over time. Learn the difference between rocks and minerals. Students will even make a rock they can eat! (Gr. 3-8)
  • The Gene Scene ($195) Curriculum Standards
    • Students investigate cell processes and genetics using innovative DNA activities developed by the National Human Genome Research Institute. DNA: see it, build it, and touch it! (Gr. 7-12)
  • Jump Into Japan ($165)
    • Learn how geography influences population distribution, economics, and the culture of this island nation. Examine how history and natural resources influence holidays and festivals throughout Japan. (Gr 3-8)
  • Magnet Mania ($165) Curriculum Standards
    • Explore the movement of electrons, electricity, magnetism, and the exciting world of electromagnetism! (Gr. 2-8)
  • Magnifico Mexico ($165)
    • Even though Mexico is located just south of the United States, the two countries couldn't be further apart in geography, history, and culture. Learn how these elements influence traditions and unearth some common misconceptions about Mexican holidays. (Gr. 3-8)
  • My Amazing Body($165)
    • Our body parts are so amazing! In this interactive program, we'll touch on bones, brains, muscles and more as young learners explore human anatomy and healthy habits. (Gr Pre K-2)
  • Simply Marvelous Machines ($165) Curriculum Standards 
    • Investigate the quantitative advantages of levers, inclined planes, gears, and pulleys! (Gr. 3-9)
  • Peruse Peru ($165)
    • Take a peek into the fascinating (& shocking!) world of the ancient Incas. (Gr. 3-8)