Energy Education

As environmental activists, we vow to...

  • Educate the city and the Ozarks region's residents and tourists by providing a high profile demonstration venue of high performance "green" buildings.
  • Produce a guide that points out "green" amenities in the building and the purpose and outcomes expected from these amenities
  • Educate the board and staff so that they are knowledgeable about the sustainable building practices implemented in the community, so they can discuss the practices with visitors and impact the building expenses in a positive way
  • Create media worthy events designed to highlight the building, decrease operational costs, and promote the educational components reflected throughout the building
  • Develop new curriculum and expand on our current Enviro-mania program to discuss the benefits of the choices DCS made during construction and the long-term impact the building will have on the community
  • Provide project information on a designated page on our web site
  • Coordinate with the City of Springfield, City Utilities, and Greene County to house demonstrations and exhibits on wind and solar sources
  • Maintain and expand the Choose Environmental Excellence status, an advisory group that recognizes sustainable practices
  • Be a regional resource/clearinghouse for sustainable practices and environmental education in all respects; like air, water, environmental justice, and solid waste