Phenomena Gallery 

"This is my favorite part"  is a quote we hear from many visitors.  On this mezzanine level there are many exhibits that will entice both adults and kids to spend hours exploring.  The Van de Graff Generator is run on a schedule 10-11am, 12-1pm, 2-3pm, 4-5pm.  Make sure you get back during those times to get those great Christmas photos of your hair going crazy.

Exploratory Lab

Exploratory Lab is located on 2nd floor of the east building in the Phenomena Gallery.  This lab focuses on a variety of investigations and changes themes each month.  Join our book club that coincides with the Lab theme and plan to come back each month for these new experiments. 

Lab Themes 

  • August, 2012 - Surrounded by Simple Machines
  • September, 2012 - I'm a Scientist
  • October, 2012 -Creatures of the Night
  • November, 2012 - Magnet Mania
  • December, 2012 - Winter Science
  • January, 2013- The 5 Senses
  • February, 2013- What's that Sound?
  • March, 2013 - What a Disaster!
  • April, 2013- Nano Sized Science
  • May, 2013 - Engineering Everywhere
  • June, 2013- Math Adventures
  • July, 2013 - Math Adventures