Mulching, Composting and Landscaping

Mulch and Compost

  • What: Our rooftop and ground-level plants use mulch and compost to stay healthy. Mulch is made from ground up wood, moss, or other natural materials. Compost is made from grass trimmings, leaves, and food scraps.
  • Why: Mulch and compost keep plants moist by soaking up rainwater, adding important nutrients to the soil, and preventing weed growth. They also recycle materials that might otherwise be wasted.
  • Be Green At Home: Instead of running the garbage disposal, start your own compost bin. You'll save water, reduce trash, and have healthy plants. You can find composting instructions online, or call the Recycling Hotline at 417-864-1904 for help.


Ground Level Landscaping

  • What: We planted native plants on three sides of our new building. Native plants are plants that grew in Missouri before settlers arrived, such as goldenrod or black-eyed susan.
  • Why: Planted areas allow water to soak back into the ground rather than run off into the storm drain. Native plants need only rainwater to keep them alive (no extra watering) which conserves water.
  • Be Green At Home: Planting native plants in your yard helps soak up rainwater, and provides food, water and homes for birds, insects and other small animals. Native plants look nice and don't need fertilizer or pesticides, either.