LEED Certified Building

Springfield, Missouri has experienced a dramatic first. Discovery Center is the first Gold LEED-Certified Building in Southwest Missouri; it is one of the most environmentally-responsible buildings in Missouri.

Our Green Goals

Green Building Project Goal: In a dramatic first for the City of Springfield, the Discovery Center announced that its new addition is a LEED-Certified Building-- making it one of the most environmentally-responsible buildings in the State of Missouri.

By using high performance and sustainable building standards on the Center's 29,000 square foot renovated and expanded structure, we are creating an atmosphere that

  • Fosters environmental responsibility through a natural learning/living laboratory experience for our visitors
  • Provides a healthy environment for guests and employees
  • Expands educational opportunities and increases the Center's visibility
  • Decreases the Center's annual operating costs

Project's Sustainable Design Goals: To reduce, reuse, and recycle resources and materials wherever possible during construction and ultimately on a day-to-day operational basis and to implement features and practices to promote a healthy work environment.