Science Cafe

1 Part Science | 1 Part Intriguing Discussion | 1 Part Food: What do you get when you mix an evening of intriguing conversation, good food and drink, and science? A Science Cafe, of course!  

When: Thursday,October 16, 2014

Time: 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. Speaker starts at 6:30pm

Where: NEW LOCATION -  Mille's Cafe 313 S. Jefferson Ave Springfield, MO  

Who: All ages interested in current science and techology

Cost: Full menu and beverages are available for purchase at Mille's Cafe

What: "Maroon Never Looked So Green—Sustainable Practices at Missouri State University!”  Energy reduction….carbon footprint….waste reduction….conservation….common terms we’re familiar with, but what do they look like in action?  And what do they look like in a college setting?  Join us for a behind the scenes view of several of the practices put into place by Missouri State University staff, and the outcomes of some simple practices that anyone can implement at home.  From energy management to reducing your carbon “foodprint”, Pilar Karlen and Tony Hein will share ways MSU is emphasizing green!

Seating is limited; First Come, First Serve!