Discovery Center Summer of Science 2015

Experience a summer filled with science adventures!

Registration opens to DCS Members March 3-14 and March 17 to Non-members

For details for times and pricing, click here.
Register online or call 417-862-9910.

Pre K/K-Ages 4-5

  • Going Buggy  (July 6-9)  Discover the world of bugs!  Big bugs, little bugs, flying bugs—bugs of all shapes and sizes!  Get ready to go buggy about bugs! 
  • Ooey Gooey Science  (July 13-16)  Get ready to mix, mess and slime some ooey gooey substances!  

Grades 1-2

  • Movieology  THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED Back by popular demand!  Join us this summer as we explore the science from some of this year’s best movies!  We’ll explore science and technology past, present and future with Big Hero 6 and Mr. Peabody & Sherman, flying things with Planes: Fire and Rescue, and lego science with the Lego Movie.  Get ready for an action packed week!
  • Medieval Madness  (July 27-30)  Put on your chainmail and prepare for a week in the Middle Ages.  Protect your stone castle by building catapults and trebuchets.  Learn about some great medieval inventions like the windmill, hourglass and even mirrors!  
  • Great Gravity!  (July 13-16)  What goes up must come down….or does it?  Join us for a week of exploring this invisible force called gravity, and how it affects everything we do!  We’ll drop, fling and launch things through the air to see just how gravity works, and learn how to predict the outcome before a mess is made! 
  • Ewww--That’s GROSS!  THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED   If you like gross, disgusting, slimy and putrid, then this is the workshop for you!  From snot, to vomit, to ear wax, to decomposition, this workshop will explore the science of icky, disgusting and gross!  

Grades 3-5

  • Water Wonders THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED Water—it covers planet Earth, and is one of our most important natural resources.  Investigate the wonders of water—from individual drops, to creeks, rivers and oceans!  This workshop includes a field trip to Valley Water Mill, plus several walking field trips.  (Additional fee-$10) 
  • Treasure Quest THESE WORKSHOPS ARE CLOSED Navigate your way to hidden treasure!  We’ll explore treasure maps, gold panning, geocaching, metal detecting and treasures hiding in many different places and spaces.  What treasure will you discover? 
  • Maker Workshop!  (July 13-16)  Come join the Maker Movement Discovery Center style!  Terrariums, soldering, paper making, microbots and more are on the agenda for this workshop!  Get ready to make stuff!!!!! (Additional fee-$10) 
  • Think It, Make It, Play It!  (July 20-23)  If you like games, this is the workshop for you!  We’ll take everything you love about games and create our own board games, card games, dice games and more!  From design to prototype, you are in control—your story, your characters, your strategy, your rules.  We’ll make a new game every day—and you’ll be able to take your new games home to play with your friends! Let the games begin! (Additional fee-$10)  
  • Girls Only!  Making Stuff!  (July 20-23)  Girls, here’s a chance for you to learn to solder, create, invent and explore using a variety of tools!  Join this special girls only Maker Workshop! (Additional fee-$10)  

Grades 6-8

  • Slice and Dice THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED  (June 15-18)  Ever wondered what an animal looks like on the inside?  Here is your chance to really check it out!  This workshop lets you dissect a variety of different specimens as you discover the similarities and differences that biologists use to classify animals.  We will examine the external and internal structures of such complex species as pigeons, sharks, and rats.  And you and your scalpel get to do all the work!  ($20 additional supply fee)  
  • Chemistry Concoctions THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED (July 27-July 30)  Create crazy concoctions, amazing mixtures, and mixed-up matter of all sorts as you discover the interesting, strange, and sometimes dangerous reactions involved in Chemistry.  Come discover chemistry you can eat, chemistry that burns, and chemistry that will blow you away! ($10 additional supply fee applies)  

Grades 9-12

  • Pre-College Summer Science Series(PCS3) THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED  Discovery Center is pleased to offer registration for a specialized workshop delivered by faculty and staff from Missouri State University’s College of Natural and Applied Sciences designed to provide high school students with a highly stimulating environment for the exploration of science and engineering. Topics in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering will be included in the program.  Participants will meet on the MSU campus each day, where they will investigate and explore science topics with MSU scientists, utilize college laboratories, and discover options for study in college.  This workshop includes a Field Trip Friday, with a “behind the scenes” tour of Jordan Valley Innovation Center to learn about exciting career path options.  Cost is $175 for DCS members and non members.  Time-8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Students meet at Temple Hall and need to bring sack lunch and drink each day. For more information, contact Dr. Tammy Jahnke at 417-836-5249.