8-Week Outreach Program

Discovery Center's ScienceWorks on the Road program increases students' science knowledge and exposure to hands-on science experiments, assists classroom teachers, assists in preparing students for the MAP test, and creates long-lasting energy and excitement for science. This is your opportunity to receive on-site professional development plus the best in hands-on education for your students. All topics are correlated to the Missouri Grade Level Expectations in Science.
DCS educators come to your classroom for one hour per week for seven weeks. During the 8th week, we arrange a field trip to the Center, enabling the children to apply all they have learned to everyday life through our innovative exhibits. Over 10,000 students in the Southwest Missouri region have benefited from this program. Schools that have participated in this program had an average of 57% of 5th grade students score proficient or advanced on the 2010 science MAP test.

8-Week Program Topics

3rd Grade   

  • Week 1: Electricity and Magnetism
  • Week 2 and 3: Ecology, Earth Science, Weather, or Simple Machines
  • Week 4: Energy
  • Week 5: Matter
  • Week 6: Chemistry
  • Week 7: Astronomy
  • Week 8: Field Trip to Discovery Center

5th Grade   

  • Week 1: Zoology
  • Week 2: Choose Weather, Tiny Technology, or Technology and the Scientific Method
  • Week 3: Astronomy
  • Week 4: Energy
  • Week 5: Electricity
  • Week 6: Simple Machines 1
  • Week 7: Simple Machines 2
  • Week 8: Field Trip to Discovery Center

Approximate fees for these programs average $14.75 per student for the 8-week program. Additional mileage fees may apply, based on distance. For a detailed quote, please call the Education Department at 417-862-9910 ext. 726 or email info@discoverycenter.org.