Concrete used in Our Green Building

Pervious Concrete

  • What: The front and back patios of our LEED Gold Certified building are made from pervious concrete. Pervious means that water can pass through the concrete and soak into the ground.
  • Why: Regular concrete is not pervious. Water runs across it, picking up pollutants before entering the storm drain. Using permeable concrete reduces the water entering storm drains and the pollutants the water picks up.
  • Be Green At Home: Look around your yard. When it rains, where does the water go? What about when you wash the car? It's important to prevent pollutants, such as soap, from soaking through permeable surfaces or entering storm drains.

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Fly Ash

  • What: Fly ash is left over when coal is burned in power plants. Now, it is being used in place of cement to make concrete. We used 77.5 tons of fly ash in this building.
  • Why: Fly ash is a recycled product. Using it reduces the need for cement production, which reduces energy use and carbon dioxide production. Reusing fly ash also conserves landfill space.