Welcome to the First Floor! 

In additon to guest services, the party room, and the gift shop, the first floor is home to Wonderland, Explore, and the Lezah Stenger EnergyExchange Lab! Learn more about them below:


Wonderland is dedicated to early learners. Exhibits have been chosen to engage visitors ages 5 and under. Early learners can see the power of air, investigate small objects with a magnifyer, put on a puppet show, and more.


Explore this gallery when you first get to the museum! It is housed behind guest services. You can dig for dinosaur bones, fly a plane, lay on a bed of nails, and learn about how tornadoes are formed.

Lezah Stenger Foundation EnergyExchange Gallery

Engage in the following hands-on learning:

  • Learn how simple machines move things using:
    • Gears
    • Pulleys
    • Ramps
    • Levers
  • Convert energy by walking in a giant hamster wheel
  • Explore different ways to create energy
  • Visit the WaterTable to
    • Explore waves and water flow
    • Turn the Archimedes screws to activate the water wheel
    • Hand crank the water-bucket conveyor belt


Museum Map