Welcome to the Fourth Floor!

In addition to classrooms where Discovery Center teaches different workshops and programs, the fourth floor houses the Prater Family WorldWise Gallery. Take a closer look here:

Prater Family WorldWise Gallery

WorldWise is located on the 4th floor of the west building. This Gallery helps individuals—young and old—to acquire the knowledge, attitude, and skills needed to function in a culturally and racially diverse world. The WorldWise exhibit represent six countries:

  • Mexico
  • Chad Region of Africa
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • Japan
  • Peru

This gallery combines the 5 themes of geography with cultural understanding, art, history, and language. There are culturally accurate representations of a variety of objects around the world, so that visitors can compare and contrast similar items such as food, clothing, musical instruments, games, and more.   

Springfield Public School - Academy of Exploration
In Partnership with The Hamels Foundation and Discovery Center of Springfeild