Science Sprout Days

September 16, 2016  Lego Sprouts 
October 21, 2016 Mad Scientist Mixtures
November 18, 2016 Stuffed Animal Clinic
 December 16, 2016 Astronomy Sprouts
 January 20, 2017 Sleepy Sprouts (Hibernation)
 February 17, 2017  Sporty Sprouts
 March 17, 2017  Farm Sprouts

Science Sprout Days are dedicated to early learners (ages 6 and under).  You and your young scientists will be able to explore, discover, and enjoy the Discovery Center surrounded by other young scientists! Special science demonstrations, science story times, and hands-on experiences will be available each Science Sprout Day. Come back often because there's a different topic each month. General admission applies. 

 Story times at 10am and 1:00pm with science demonstration and activities to follow.