Wood & Flooring

Sustainably Harvested Wood

  • What: 50% of all wood used in this project is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified for sustainability. Sustainability means that the wood comes from areas where trees are being replanted to replace what is cut down and steps are taken to protect the environment.
  • Why: Non-sustainable wood may be cut down in ways that result in habitat loss, soil erosion, water pollution, and forest reduction.
  • Be Green At Home: When you go shopping, look for details on the product that tell you about how the product was made. Items made with less packaging and recycled or recyclable materials are good sustainable choices. 


  • What: The swirly purple floor covering in Phenomena is Marmoleum; it is made from natural raw materials including linseed oil, rosins, and wood flour on a natural jute backing.
  • Why: Marmoleum is an environmentally friendly natural product. It also has naturally occurring antimicrobial properties that stop the breeding of many micro-organisms such as dust mites, which makes our Center a healthier place.
  • Be Green At Home: Cork and bamboo are also environmentally friendly floorings because they grow more quickly and are more easily harvested than wood. You can also buy carpet and rugs made from recycled soda bottles.

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